The Success Mindset

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“Here’s a surprising book. If, as Niezsche says, the only books worth reading are the ones that are written by chance, and for Schopenhauer the books that last are those written with sincerity, in which you can find the author inside, then “The Success Mindset” by Paola Knecht is a book that deserves your time. In the field of self-empowerment, publications abound and it’s not uncommon to get the impression that many books repeat the same things over and over again, endlessly rephrasing some centuries-old concept. It is not difficult to become a motivational “guru”, and not infrequently, a reader learns the art of rephrasing after the third text, and thus decides to become one himself. But there is something that cannot be so easily reinvented, and that is the experience of a lifetime.

Ms. Knecht’s book was born “by chance”, or rather from the desire to share the research, reflections, and insights of a lifetime.

Paola Knecht is a professional coach and became one “by chance,” that is, after discovering her vision. In her book you can find her experiences, that reflect and corroborate her discoveries. You only need to read the first paragraph to immediately realize that her words transmit energy, that they are alive, that they are true

Ms. Knecht loves her work, which is a vocation and even something more: it is her mission, as already mentioned. The author has discovered her mission, and through this book she guides readers to find their own. You will discover that this is the difference between the feeling of a life that has a direction and a meaning, an inexhaustible capacity to prove a source of personal fulfillment and joy, and that of an existence marked by compromise with a daily reality that seems to have forever frustrated our own ability to aspire to something different, better, to succeed. Success: this is the magic and elusive word at the heart of the author’s research.

Paola Knecht has studied the lives of the great leaders and creative personalities of all time in search of the common elements in their personalities that have made them successful in life. She has thus been able to identify eleven characteristic traits present in each of these great personalities, which are unchanged in time and space, despite the inevitable differences linked to different historical or cultural contexts. 

What differentiates the ordinary man from the extraordinary one? It is to this fascinating question that “The Success Mindset” proposes to give an answer.

The result is contained in the pages of this astonishing book in the form of eleven powerful pillars, corresponding to as many chapters that allow the reader to acquire the relevant personal characteristics with a step-by-step guide, and also thanks to a series of exercises and targeted questionnaires.  

But there’s more. Paola Knecht’s book goes even deeper, going so far as to shed light on the deep mysteries of the human personality itself, on the secrets of that inner voice that has guided so many great leaders in their choices that have influenced millions of people, on the enigmas of that intuition that seems to be our most intimate connection with infinity.

The Success Mindset” is an amazing book, and it is a must-read”.

– J.E King

Italian Author